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You can get the latest information on Nicole Anderson through our official twitterfeed page. It will also link to our twitter when we update the site with new posts and information. If you have an twitter page for your fansite or twitter fanpage, make sure you at reply to @NICOLEGAFANS! Thanks for the support for Nicole Anderson and the rest of the Anderson family!


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We have a brand new layout for the official fan site. It’s more sleek yet still colorful. Hopefully this is easier to browse around. If you want a theme like this for your fan site, get them at Woo Themes. Enjoy!

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BREA – The origins of this story can be traced back to a few seeds.
First, it was seedlings planted by Disney stars and Storm Troopers at the Disney D23 fan convention last summer.

A file photo shows the grounds surrounding Brea Canyon High School and Brea-Olinda High School devastated by a November 2008 fire.

Around the same time, three students at Brea Olinda High School had the seed of an idea to help their campus recover from a devastating fire.

On Sunday, it all blossomed into a massive replanting effort than involved dozens of volunteers, another Disney Channel star – Nicole Anderson from “JONAS” – and those three Brea students who nurtured their dream to make it happen.

They planted about 4,000 native California plants and shrubs on a one-acre slope next to Brea Olinda and Brea Canyon high schools.

“To see all of this actually happening, to see these people working and the plants going in – to think it all started with an idea to help – it gives me chills,” said Jacqueline Cortes, 17, one of the three Brea Olinda students who led the replanting.

The slope where they worked was torched in the November 2008 Freeway Complex fire that raged through Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills and Brea. Trees and shrubs burned to the ground, creating an eerie pile of gray and white ash.

As firefighters described it, the area had been “moonscaped.”

Brea students, proud of their campus, mobilized to replant.

Ads on the Disney Channel inspired the three juniors at Brea Olinda High, including Cortes, Andrew Daedler and Lauren Kelley, all 17, to start a Friends for Change club to improve the environment.

Soon after, they read a story in The Register about the planting of the seedlings by Disney Channel stars such as Chelsea Staub, from “JONAS,” and Tiffany Thornton, from “Sonny with a Chance.”

The students contacted the county’s Inside the Outdoors program, where the seedlings were being nurtured at its headquarters in Silverado Canyon.

Officials there said the students’ idea fit in with the program’s mission of awareness, knowledge and action in the community to help the environment.

Program administrator Pam Johnson said getting the students to help organize the planting and recruit volunteers would help them spread the message among their peers.

“They studied to learn about these plants and now when they drive by they can say, ‘That’s what I worked on and I made my community a better place,’” Johnson said.

Disney started its Friends for Change: Project Green program last May. Already more than 1.6 million children and young adults have gotten involved, pledging to organize beach cleanups and start clubs to promote green living.

The Brea club has enrolled 40 members, so far. They are already looking forward to more events, such as a recycling program to coincide with Earth Day next month.

Disney officials were so impressed with the Brea group that they brought out a production crew to film Sunday’s planting for a segment that will run on the Disney Channel this summer.

Nicole Anderson, 19, who plays Macy on “JONAS,” said when she heard about the project, she was happy to volunteer her time.

“I’m here for myself, just hanging out with other kids my age, because I think it’s great what they are doing,” Anderson said.

Mostly, the club’s founders say they are happy to see flowers and greenery coming back to their campus.

“It was thoroughly depressing around here after the fire,” Kelley said. “It’s so nice to see green again.”

But they are also impressed to see Disney acknowledging their efforts.

“When we were getting started with the idea for the club, we said, ‘Yeah, then we’ll get Disney out here to help,’ you know, like a joke,” said co-founder, Andrew Daedler.

“And now they are here,” Kelley added. “It’s unbelievable.

“We hope we can inspire others to start a club of their own and make a difference in their community, too.”

SOURCE: OC Register

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April 01, 2010 — We (Bop/Tiger Beat Magazine) hung out with Nicole Anderson on Sunday when she helped Brea Olinda’s FRIENDS FOR CHANGE club help replant damaged property at their high school! Nicole Anderson is such a sweetheart! See what she has to say about getting involved at school and check out the behind-the-scenes action going on that day!

Youtube: BOPtv

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TUE, 30 MARCH 2010 AT 5:30 PM

Nicole Anderson and her new pals Jacqueline and Lauren help plant a Sticky Monkey Flower at Brea Olinda High School in Brea, Calif., on Sunday afternoon (March 28).

The 19-year-old actress shared with JJJ about the project, “A couple of girls [from Brea Olinda High School] decided to create a club and restore the wildlife around their school that was hit by the Freeway Complex Fire back in 2008. It destroyed about 11 acres of land and they are trying to restore about 4 acres. We’re working on the first acre today.”

Nicole added about the flower that she was working on, “It’s a sticky, orange, red flower and it’s not really sticky. But I do appreciate the fact that we get to work with such interesting plants.”

Stay tuned to JJJ for more on this project and a special giveaway!

SOURCE: Just Jared Jr.

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MON, 29 MARCH 2010 AT 10:30 PM

Nicole Anderson takes a break from the sunshine and planting flower to chat with JJJ over the weekend.

The 19-year-old actress told us all about what’s coming up on JONAS season two. Check it:

On her favorite location they’ve shot at: “I’d have to say the beach. I love hanging out there with my friends as it is and my costars are my friends. To get to hang out with them at a place that I love and do what I love, it’s so much fun. Of course, the helicopter is really cool too. I’ve never been in a helicopter before that and it was crazy.”

On love interests for Macy: “I am allowed to say that there is a relationship developing between Nick and Macy this season. I can’t give away too much, but I can say that (laughs). I know there is like Team Kacy and Team Nacy. But I hope people will enjoy it. There’s a lot of really romantic, cute things that I think the girls will really love.”

On the funniest thing that’s happened on set so far: “Oh, we were all sitting in the helicopter and it’s one of our first days back [for season two], so we were still getting to know the crew guys and weren’t really that comfortable with them yet. They’re all getting the scene set up with camera angles and such and we’re [the cast] are just kind of sitting there.

“It’s at the end of the day and we’re all a bit tired and out of nowhere Joe says, ‘I should do voice overs for animals. I make really good animal noises.’ He starts screeching and barking for a good five minutes. All the crew guys are looking at him like, ‘What is wrong with this guy?’ and I’m sitting there cracking up, tears are streaming down my face. He’s completely fearless. Everyone was looking at him like he was crazy. He’s so funny.”

Check out Nicole’s question clicking here and stay tuned for more on JJJ!

SOURCE: Just Jared Jr

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Posted 3/29/10 1:00 pm ET by Leslie Simon in Celebrity, Music, Photos

When I rolled up to Bamboozle Left yesterday afternoon, I was immediately bombarded with a zillion texts saying, “Did you hear? The Jonas Brothers are TOTES playing with Something Corporate tonight!! Freal!” I nearly stopped dead in my tracks and said out loud, “Shut! The! Door!”

As the day wore on — and bands like Never Shout Never, Hey Monday, The Maine and Orianthi rocked the stage — I kept my eyes peeled for any of the Jo Bro fros. Unfortunately, the only sighting I had was of Simon Rex, who was playing the fest as his rap alter ego Dirt Nasty. What a disappointment on so many levels.

The Jonas Brothers did eventually show up (Nick and Joe, at least), – NICOLE ANDERSON AND CHELSEA STAUB attended too but only to oogle Andrew McMahon and a newly reformed Soco from the side of the stage. Bummer to the max. Guess that collaboration will have to wait. However, Something Corporate just announced they’ll be playing Bamboozle in Chicago on May 15. I wonder if an appearance at Bamboozle in New Jersey — and a possible Jonas Brothers duet — is imminent? One can only hope.

Finally, a week or so ago, I spotted Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato getting their pop-punk on at New Found Glory’s gig at Hollywood’s House Of Blues. Between their love for NFG and Soco, I wonder if the band is burnin’ up for a new musical direction?

SOURCE: Buzzworthy, GossipFasho

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I am sorry that updates have been slow lately. I have been busy catching up with a few important things, after next week, I should be able to start making new changes and updates on the site! Stay tune! Also, keep up with Nicole on her official twitter: heyitsnicolea! -Kimmy

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